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Surrey, BC – Efficient Building Automation Corporation has released Visual Integrator and Network Integrator version 4.0 Service Pack 2 (SP2).  In this update, EBAC has resolved a number of fixes and enhancements in version 4.0.  Most notably, SP2 includes support for the newly released Circon UHC-400 controller and Circon Catalyst® graphical programming tool.

Other features include:

  • Improved support for dynamic network variables (dynamic nvs are supported when copy/pasting a UHC-400)
  • The ability to download firmware to the UHC-400 (using .CXE files)
  • Better support for the Virtual Functional Block (which unifies the process of creating dynamic nvs on the LNS Network Interface with that of the other functional blocks)
  • Support for Virtual Functional Block in the Circon Graphics Editor
  • Dynamic nvs used in new graphics are linked by programmatic name (rather than index), allowing graphics including dynamic nvs to be reused between controllers, and allows links to dynamic nvs on graphics to remain valid, even if the index of the nv has changed as a result of changes made in the Circon Catalyst editor

Additional features in 4.0 SP2 have been added to unify NI with VI, these include:

  • The ability to create customers and sites directly from the navigation tree
  • The ability to create backups directly from the navigation tree
  •  The ability to open multiple sites at once
  • The ability to Inspect nvs/cps from controllers from different sites at the same time
  •  The “auto-logoff” feature from VI has also been included in NI

For further information, please consult the release notes included with the install set for both products, or at the Partner Services Website.  To download this release as  PDF, click here.


Availability and Ordering Information

NI and VI 4.0 SP2 are now available through download from EBAC’s FTP site or via CD by issuing a purchase order for part number:

  • NI 4.0 SP2 Upgrade – 11-0318
  • VI 4.0 SP2 Upgrade – 11-0319

The price is $75 and the purchasing multiplier does not apply.  Be aware that the upgrade file does not contain any of the software prerequisites listed in the release notes.  You must obtain those separately and install them prior to installing 4.0 SP2.

Software Maintenance Policy

You are encouraged to upgrade to NI and VI 4.0 SP2 as it is EBAC’s policy is to focus our support and maintenance efforts on the latest version of software, providing periodic maintenance upgrades at minimum or no cost.

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