New EBAC Contact Information

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Please note that effective immediately, EBAC’s old phone and fax lines are no longer active. The numbers that are no longer in service are 604-248-4404 (phone) and 604-248-4405 (fax).

Please use the new numbers: 604-503-4404 (phone) and 604-503-4405 (fax), and update your contact information accordingly.  Thank you!

Background: The change was made to the new lines (604-503-4404 / 604-503-4405) when we moved into our new offices, but the old numbers (604-248-4404 / 604-248-4405) were maintained to assist customers with the transition.  Effective November 8th, the old numbers were discontinued.  Should you have any need for further discussion or clarification, please contact head office or send an email to

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