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Surrey, BC – Efficient Building Automation Corporation (EBAC), a leading provider of open building automation solutions, is pleased to announce the release of the Circon UHC-400 Universal Building Automation Controller and Catalyst® Graphical Programming Tool. 

The UHC-400 marks a strategic shift in EBAC’s Circon product suite, moving to a powerful processor and utilizing the new Catalyst graphical programming environment.  The result is a feature set that provides access to over 400 Standard Network Variables (SNVTs), including 256 user-defined NVs and ability to bind to 256 devices on a LonWorks network.

In developing the UHC-400, we looked at what the Circon product did well in the past, while ensuring we developed a product with the scalability and features that would be our platform for the future.” states Surge Uppal, Principal of EBAC.  “It is our intent to continue to build on this new processing power in developing new and exciting products for our clients.”

Key features of the UHC-400 include:

  • Powerful, industry-leading 32-bit ARM processor
  • Fully programmable with flexible and easy-to-use Circon Catalyst® programming tool; with support for floating point and structured SNVTs
  • 12 universal inputs and 10 universal outputs configurable for voltage, current, resistance and dry contacts; all are software configurable
  • High performance LonTalk stack with support over 400 network variables (NVs) including 256 user-defined NVs and 256 address table entries (can be bound to 256 different devices on the LON network)
  • Battery backed real-time clock (on-board lithium rechargeable) allows for time-based events, data logging and network master operation
  • Auxiliary 15 VDC output for powering peripheral devices
  • Adaptable for standalone applications (with on-board scheduling, alarming and trending) or as part of a networked operation

To view the UHC-400 datasheet, visit our Circon Products page, or click here.

For more detail, please contact EBAC at info@circon.com or +1 (604) 248-4404.  To download this release as a PDF document, click here.


About Efficient Building Automation Corporation

Efficient Building Automation Corporation (EBAC) is a privately-held provider of open, interoperable and integrated facility automation products and services. More than a leading-edge developer and manufacturer of products based on LonWorks® open systems technology, EBAC is dedicated to helping its integrator customers apply the most appropriate technologies, tools, products and services to a wide variety of facility automation and control requirements.

For more information, please visit our website: www.circon.com

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