PRODUCT BULLETIN: Device Support 2.1 Now Released

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Surrey, BC – Efficient Building Automation Corporation has released the Device Support 2.1 installation package, available immediately.

Device Support 2.1 includes the LNS® support files for the newest Circon controller, the UHC-400, including XIF and plug-ins.  In addition, Device Support 2.1 includes the new Circon Catalyst® graphical programming editor for LNS, used to create and edit programs for the UHC-400.  

Note: The UHC-400 and the Catalyst programming editor are only supported on LNS.  NiagaraAX support will be included in a future version.

Finally, Device Support 2.1 includes a significant number of bug fixes for Device Support 2.0, and includes support for NiagaraAX 3.6 for the 300 series.


For further information, please consult the release notes included with the install set, or at the Partner Services Website.  To download this release as a PDF document, click here.


Availability, Ordering, and Pricing Information

Device Support 2.1 is now available through download from EBAC’s FTP site or via CD by issuing a purchase order for the following part number:

  • Device Support 2.1 – part #11-0030

Device Support 2.1 is a no-cost download, please contact EBAC technical support to obtain download instructions.  Should you require a version on CD, a $75 charge is applicable.


Software Maintenance Policy

You are encouraged to upgrade to Device Support 2.1 as it is EBAC’s policy is to focus our support and maintenance efforts on the latest version of software, providing periodic maintenance upgrades at minimum or no cost.

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